The Stella Digital S.H.I.P.
(Security Health Improvement Programs)

Just as ships of the sea are guided by stars and compass, Stella Digital can help your company navigate the virtual waves of cyberspace. Our logo represents our philosophy of being that guiding star and providing information that can help you steer your organization and chart a safe course through cyberspace.

Security Health Improvement Programs

Basic Health & Wellness

A standard program that covers common areas of concern for all companies. Designed for organizations continuing & maintaining a healthy security environment.

Stella Digital provides a program once per quarter over a year’s time.


  • Interactive Security Awareness – Week-long program with fun & informative daily briefings, mini-quizzes & prize drawings
  • Phishing Testing – Simulation of phishing attempts, employee engagement tracking & reporting. (Follow-up training is available if desired.)
  • Cyber Security for Everyone – Educational program on protecting both personal and company data in the digital world, and good ‘health’ practices for securing of information against digital threats and bad actors. (online presentation)
  • Physical Security for Everyone – Educational program for staying safe in the physical world, and good habits to build for security, both inside & outside of work. (online presentation)


A more intensive program, designed for companies that have been through a crisis, such as a data breach or loss, a significant turnover of employees, an acquisition, etc.

These programs are delivered monthly for a 6-month period. Just as your doctor may prescribe higher concentrations of medicine to get past an illness, this quicker cadence gets more information & education out earlier & with more frequency.

The first two programs are targeted, based on the specific crisis situation. Similar to a ship making it through a storm, there are two main things the crew needs to know: ‘Where are we & What happened’ & ‘What are we doing about it & Where do we go from here’. We work with key company representatives to tailor the content to ensure both messaging & guidance are aligned and appropriate.

This is followed by the four programs included in the Basic Health & Wellness program, but provided on an accelerated monthly schedule, to ensure everyone has a solid foundation in security practices moving forward.

(This monthly schedule can be accelerated to a more frequent delivery if desired.)

Security Health Checkup

This is intended for organizations that may be unsure of their security health. This could come from a variety of circumstances:

  • Perhaps your company has never had a CISO before
  • Perhaps you’re a startup that’s entering a new phase of maturity that calls for stronger security
  • Perhaps you’re gearing up for an IPO & want to add a security ‘clean bill of health’ as a feather in your cap
  • Perhaps you’ve seen other companies have security issues & you want to have the peace of mind that your company is in good shape
  • Perhaps you’re about to embark on a new direction and need to be sure everything is shipshape before launching
  • Perhaps you’re a CEO / CISO who has recently joined a company and need to take stock of the situation before charting your course forward


Stella Digital offers two tiers of Security Health Checkup:

  • Self-Assessment – Similar to a medical history provided to a doctor, this relies on the patient to provide information. This is the most efficient and cost-effective option.
  • Verified Security Health Assessment – More akin to a doctor performing tests on the patient, this checkup involves independent verification of security information provided, to ensure the assessment is reliable and accurate.

Are you considering investing in or acquiring a company? Arrange for a Security Health Checkup in advance!

Similar to researching the company’s financial situation and future projections of growth, security health is just as vital to understand as part of the decision process.

Just as it makes sense to have a home inspected before you buy it, it’s only logical to do the same before putting your money into a company with an unknown security posture.

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