Penetration Testing

All businesses are under constant threat from cyber attacks. We use our 100+ years of expert experience to stress test the security of your applications, devices, networks, and people using best-in-class penetration testing strategies and techniques. Your peace of mind, and the safety of your business and your customers, demand nothing less.


Cybercrime risk extends across your entire business. Risk areas include hardware, software, people, and processes. Cybercrime exposes you and your customers to extreme financial, legal, and reputational risk. We bring real-world, C level expertise to identifying those risks so that they can be mitigated and managed. We also can assess internal and external regulatory and compliance areas to keep your business fully compliant.

Cybersecurity Remediation

Every cybersecurity audit should deliver actionable recommendations to protect your business, your assets, and your customers from cybercrime. We work with your existing team to ensure that your cybersecurity provides the safety that your business needs, and that your customers demand.

Fractional CISO

A Fractional CISO provides small and medium businesses with the experience and expertise of an Information Security professional without the associated cost of having an added C-level executive on the payroll.
Aside from the CISO themselves, they also come with a network of security professionals of different kinds that they've built through years of working within the security profession.

Simulated Phishing

Simulated Phishing is a discovery exercise that is executed with the involvement and knowledge of a few key people within an organization.
We approach it the same way that a cybercriminal would do, complete with bespoke addresses, email content and even full websites for added legitimacy. The difference between us and a would-be cybercriminal is that the end goal of conducting such a discovery exercise is added security for the organization, and there are often actionable takeaways even if no data ends up being compromised.

Our Customers Win:

Cybersecurity and your business

The world around us is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the way companies work and interact with their customers is evolving alongside it. You, your business, and your customers face constant cybersecurity risks from individual and organized cyber-criminals engaging in activities including hacking, malware, phishing, identity theft, and more. A cybersecurity breach can have a catastrophic impact on your business, whether legal, reputational, or financial.

You and your team need to be able to focus on your business and on delivering for your customers.

At Stella Digital, we help you to protect your business and customers. We help you to identify risk, become secure, and stay safe in this challenging environment. Having access to our skills, insight, experience, and connections means proactively managing the risks that could derail your business. We have built our approach on four pillars.


We have a combined 100 years of experience in protecting companies from threats. Constant education is a crucial tool in helping companies protect themselves and their customers from crime and its consequences. The average cost of a single instance of cybercrime is now $13 million, with some estimates that cybercrime will cost global business $2.9 million every minute of every day in the next year. Law, regulation, and compliance are augmented by ongoing training in cyber-threats, cyber-criminal methods, and attack strategies. Our team uses cutting edge knowledge to protect your business and your clients.


We have collaborated with some of the world’s largest companies to keep them safe. We can work efficiently as a partnership with your IT function, augment your capability, or provide a fully outsourced team. If the solution allows us to partner our domain knowledge with your company insight, we can meet your cybersecurity needs. One size will never fit all, and we’ll collaborate to deliver protection through an overarching risk management strategy that suits your business and your customers.


It is jokingly said that the best way to ensure a computer is totally secure is to incinerate it, but it does make it a little tricky to use. If cybersecurity is not practical, then it is not effective. We understand that unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape can hinder you from delivering your business and servicing your customers. We’ll ensure that your cybersecurity does not get in the way of being the best that you can be.


We own our client outcomes. We have faith in our people and our products. We know that we can make a positive difference to any business with which we work. Our company is built on customers that can see benefits for their companies and their customers. This focus means we’ll always have your business success at the center of everything we do.


  • Alex Jerrold, Client Executive, CCIE# 18957, CCDE# 2014::54
    "Stella Digital did an incredible job for one of my largest clients. The client has done penetration testing every other year, and is used to the process. Stella Digital came in and really provided them some extra value in terms of customer education as well as flexibility to shift as the customer’s needs changed during the project. Surprises came up, as they always do with customers, and Stella Digital simply took them in stride and found solutions to ensure they completed the scoped work. The documentation they provided was impeccable and ready to share with the client. I look forward to working with them again in the near future."
    Alex Jerrold, Client Executive, CCIE# 18957, CCDE# 2014::54
  • Debra Broome, IT & Administrative Manager
    "We have used Stella Digital on two different occasions to perform Phishing Tests for our company. Their experts did a great job of walking us through what to expect and designing our test emails to appear legitimate. Their knowledge and attention to detail were invaluable to successful tests. We were so pleased with the two Phishing Tests that Stella Digital performed that we contracted them to provide in-house cyber security training for our employees. Their presentation was geared towards our business, yet shared in a fact-filled, entertaining way. Stella Digital’s course received rave reviews from our users, and we are planning another training this year. "
    Debra Broome, IT & Administrative Manager
    Abatement Technologies

Long Term Relationship

We believe that offering a service that exceeds expectations delivers lasting business collaborations. Your company’s cybersecurity needs will evolve, and at Stella Digital, we aim to be alongside you to guide you through the journey.

  • At Stella Digital, the success of our customer is at the heart of every decision we make. We know that a single incident can ruin businesses, reputations, and lives, and we strive to keep our customers secure.

    Katie Elizabeth

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